Black Diamond Memberships

Through his experiences working with many clients, Dr. Sanderson has noticed that although many products very well individually to slow the aging process, combining them produces much more dramatic results. He has combined these products into several unique, affordable packages, that will dramatically slow the aging process and improve the overall health of your skin, and meet your individual aesthetic goals.

The packages include injections of botulinum toxin to improve and prevent facial wrinkling, “day” chemical peels to help exfoliate the dead layers of skin and improve the texture, hydrodermabrasion to help cleanse, hydrate and infuse antioxidants and peptides into the skin, and a combination of Obagi and Skin Medica products to reduce sun spots and provide daily skin care. Whether you would like to maintain your current appearance, control adult acne, or want to return to a more youthful appearance, one of these packages will work perfectly for you.

With the purchase of one of the anti-aging packages, you will qualify for all of the benefits of our Black Diamond Membership, including savings of over $1000.00 compared to purchasing the services and products individually. In addition, you will have access to other discounted Aesthetic Spa services, cosmetic procedures and skin care products for which other clients are not eligible.

Call to schedule your consultation with Kim and get started on your membership today!

Black Diamond Membership Benefits:

  • Discounts on Aesthetic Spa and skin care products
  • Discounts on Aesthetic Spa services including injectable fillers and chemical peels
  • Savings on cosmetic surgery

Our professional staff can perform select services for you and several of your friends in the privacy of your own home, or other selected venue. Call to arrange a party, and we will come to your home for an evening of rejuvenation with light peels, fillers and Botox®.

J. Drew Sanderson, MD

J. Drew Sanderson, MD has received extensive training in cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, breasts and body. He is known for his individualized and comprehensive treatment plans as well as a dedication to perfection that results in patient satisfaction. Your relationship with Dr. Sanderson will begin during a relaxing, pressure-free initial consultation and continue until you achieve your desired goals.
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